How To Make $215.05 In 3 Minutes

As some of you may know I’ve been trading options for years as a primary source of income. In particular, selling put options has been the main trade type and I have deemed it one of the safest and most consistent ways to generate income in the market.

It’s knowledge every investor should have. Still, I know many of you have yet to sell a put option. Or trade any type of option for that manner. So my goal is to share this knowledge.

Many people get scared when they hear the word “options.” They think any trade involving options is too risky or only for professional traders and hedge fund managers. And you may have been discouraged by less skilled brokers to keep away from these “finical weapons of mass destruction” as Warren Buffet once stated.

But like anything else it all depends on how you use it. If used the wrong way sure you can lose a lot. Just like properly using a gun or a pack of matches. You wouldn’t give either to someone who has no idea how they work, especially a child.

But by using a few simple rules and strategies you too can generate an extra income.The key is to identify high-quality companies that you would like to own. Like me, you may have a list of favorite companies you like to be invested in. Most of them pay a dividend. By selling a put on that company, you name the price you’re willing to pay for shares and it is always at a discount to the current price. So you are already starting the trade in the black.

Moreover, I also use simple charting techniques to increase the odds of success in a trade that already has a high probability of success and leverage. You don’t need to know any complicated mathematical calculations as implied by the Black-Scholes formula. I learned about this many years ago and have found it to make things unnecessarily complicated. So I no longer use it. Keep it simple.

The video below is a brief clip from my comprehensive options course, whereby I teach you all the techniques you need to do this type of trade. In this video I open up my broker account and demonstrate during open market hours how to make $215.05 in 3 minutes, like the title claims:

No use of complicated mathematics, just clear simple observation of market psychology. If I could convince you that selling puts was a safe and profitable strategy, would you be willing to make it a part of your permanent investing future? Would you like to have a home business that generates cash with no product or selling involved?

I’ve created a course that shows you exactly how I generate thousands of dollars a month implementing this strategy. I demonstrate the set ups to look for to increase your odds of success and how to manage the risk. I will also send you a free report detailing an actual, typicall trade on how I do this strategy for an income:


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